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Nurture your customers with targeted messaging

Somma is how you keep your customers engaged by sending the right message to the right customer at the right time.

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Bring relevant customer data all in one place

Know which customers are most likely to churn using billing data and in-app activity

Pull in customer data using integrations like Segment, Stripe and more.

View both billing data and in-app activity in a single view.

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Reach the right customers with accurate segmentation

Increase the impact of your campaigns by targeting the right customers using live data

Build live audiences based on customer actions and properties.

Personalize your messaging based on what your customers do and who they are.

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Turn insight into action with highly targeted messages

Encourage customers to take right action in order to make the most of your product with personalized messages

Create automated campaigns based on customer behaviour using visual workflows.

Know how your automated campaigns are performing as well as their impact on revenue.