Somma is now out of private beta! We've polished a few of the edges, and we feel confident we've got something solid. Here is what's included in our latest update:

Data collection

You can now send user data into Somma using either our API or a JavaScript library you can install on your website or web application.

We've also added a domain allow-list that lets you specify from which domains we can collect data and an IP address block-list that blocks specific IP addresses from data collection. This feature is useful if you want to avoid logging your actions into Somma.

Learn how to track events and user properties with Somma.


Showcasing our new segmentation tool

We're proud of our customer segmentation tool that enables you to group your customer based on their actions and properties. This feature allows you to send targeted messages to a specific group of customers for whom they are relevant.


You can send one-off broadcast messages to a segment of users as well as automated drip campaigns using our Messages feature. For ease of use, we plan on implementing a visual campaign builder right into your Somma dashboard for maximum flexibility.

Up next

In our next updates, we will be releasing a couple of new features: Workflows (a visual campaign builder) and in-app messages. Stay tuned!

If you'd like to take action and improve your retention give Somma a try! It's free to get started and you only pay as your business grows. Try Somma for free today.